Elevating lives
through stronger communities.

We seek to alleviate suffering and poverty by strengthening communities.

Elevate is a private non-governmental organization based in Sudan, providing developmental/humanitraian assistance. We focus on community based sustainable development projects to benefit Sudan's most impoverished people.

Changing lives throughout Sudan.

At Elevate, we implement projects and programs accross Sudan: from the historic deserts of Nubia to the lush forests of the Nuba mountains. We endeavor to provide disenfranchised communities accross Sudan with the opportunity to become self-sustaining, self-reliant and prosperous. Our projects are not only sustainable, but are impactful, relevant, and have a high rate of Return on Investment.

Effective, smart partnerships are our strength

We balance maximizing the use of local resources and harnessing the benefits of smart global partnerships. At a time where the international humanitrian community faces a series of challanges, we lead the way in defining the future of international humanitrian assistance, by pioneering the principles of Localization, data driven interventions, and beneficiary led projects.

Our projects

We focus on improving the lives of others by empowering communities. Our projects build upon and re-inforce Sudan's existing infrastructure and culture through the implementation of sustainable projects and programs with a special focus on health, education, self-reliance and community development. Elevate's projects provide long term durable solutions to systematic problems while offering immediate support to those in distress. Our goal is to provide projects and programs that will not only provide assistance in the moment, but will change lives for generations. Here are a few examples of our projects:

Umdurman Maternity Hospital Support Project

The Umdurman Maternity Hospital is Sudan's leading maternity hospital. Despite its important role in Sudan's health system, it has suffered greatly from Sudan's declining economic situation. Over the course of months, we, in collaboration with Sudan's Ministry of Health, UNICEF, and other partners have provided life saving equipment, supplies, and machinery and have provided extensive rehabilitation to completely revamp Sudan’s leading maternity hospital.

Akasha Fishing Self Reliance Project

Through the implementation of this project, we have completely revitalized the Akasha Locality in historic Nubia, by providing a sustainable, impactful and environmentally friendly program that benefits not only the direct beneficiaries but the region’s entire population. Built on the already existing local knowledge and culture, this project exemplifies the future of humanitarian/developmental projects by espousing the principles of localization, sustainability and high RoI.

Sudan Emergency Relief Project

Despite being principally a developmental organization, at Elevate we strive to save lives and provide emergency assistance to those suffering from disaster and tragedies. At Elevate we maintain the capacity to quickly assess, monitor and intervene in crises within the first 48 hours in order to ensure maximum efficacy and mitigate morbidity and mortality. Despite Emergency Assistance not being Elevate’s focus, we have become a principal provider of emergency relief to those in the most dire of situations.

Support for Orphans Projects

In partnership with local organizations we provide critical supplies to the most vulnerable of all sectors of society: newborn orphans. Despite the many challenges, Elevate continues to champion the needs of orphans.

Sudan School Support & Rehabilitation Project

Sudanese schools, teachers and of course pupils across Sudan are suffering from poor educational environments, lack of supplies, and gaps in infrastructure. At Elevate we seek to alleviate this by implementing projects and programs that undertake to greatly enhance the learning experience and provide opportunities for children to obtain an education. We do this by providing rehabilitation, supplies and equipment to dozens of schools throughout the country.

Sudan Youth Vocational Training Project

This self-reliance project seeks to provide dozens of young men and women with the skills and certification to provide themselves and their families a sustainable source of income through classes and practical sessions. At the conclusion of the term each student will be fully certified and skilled in the area of their choice, whether as mechanics, electricians, plumbers, construction workers or refrigeration technicians. This project also seeks to elevate the vocational training standards in the country.

Who we are

Mohamed Dahab

President & General Director
Mohamed Dahab is the Founder and President of the Elevate Organization, a renowned NGO implementing hundreds of sustainable development projects across his home country of Sudan. Mr. Dahab is an international aid/development executive. Born in Belgrade, Ex-Yugoslavia, he is the product of an international upbringing, having been raised and educated in Yugoslavia, Malaysia, Sudan, the U.S, and Switzerland. He holds B.A. in International Trade from the University of Geneva in Switzerland and an M.A. in International Humanitarian Action from Fordham University in New York. With experience and expertise ranging from emergency humanitarian interventions to managing developmental projects, Mr. Dahab has spent his entire career within the humanitarian/development field.

Ambassador Omer Dahab

Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Ambassador Omer Dahab is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and a career diplomat. Previously, he served as Ambassador of Sudan, and held many critical postings and assignments. Some of his assignments included: Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Sudan, Ambassador to Russia, Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the UN in New York, President of the Executive Council of UNICEF, and Vice-President of the United Nations General Assembly in 2019. Ambassador Dahab continues to serve his country and humanity by advocating for family rights and traditional values around the world.

A word from our partner:

"As a foundation that does humanitarian and developmental work in many parts of the world we rely on our close partnerships. We have found Elevate to be a highly effective and trusted partner for our work in Sudan. Their local knowledge, passion for their work, and integrity have enabled us to fund projects that have had a high impact in strengthening families and communities and meeting the most critical needs within Sudan. Elevate's focus on sustainability and sensitivity to the dynamic and changing needs within the country has made our partnership particularyly effective. We appreciate their tireless effort and proffesionalism in accomplishing this important work."

Edward B. Rowe, President & C.E.O. , The Stirling Foundation